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Gender & Toys: Why Blue Vs. Pink is Not What You Think

by Shaina Salin Editorial Coordinator Over the past few decades, there has been much contention in our society about the perpetuation of gender stereotypes through the marketing and manufacturing of children’s toys.  Feminists have promoted gender neutrality in the name of sexual equality, disregarding (and even disdaining) the fact that femininity and masculinity are complementary energies that cannot be equated. …

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What Are People Cooking?

We asked three guests to submit unusual twists on traditional Thanksgiving recipes. Check it out and then share your ideas/recipes …

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Water Birthing

by Esther Taylor Jatamansi Center Massage & Holistics, Fillmore, CA The act of laboring and/or water birthing is a relatively …

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Placenta: Medical Waste or Powerful Postpartum Medicine

by Esther Taylor Jatamansi Center Massage & Holistics, Fillmore, CA Afterbirth is a part of the birthing process that most …

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10 Little Recycling Tips That Create Big Differences

Nothing new – just an invitation to review and recommit… 1. Do you have a source of filtered water and …

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“There was a star danced, and under that was I born. ” – William Shakespeare

by Kieron Barry Editor’s note: Mr. Barry was originally asked to appear as a guest for our “What Are People …

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Diaper Free with Elimination Communication

The fourth in a series of articles on ALIGNMENT for NEW PARENTS by Esther Taylor Jatamansi Center Massage & Holistics, …

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Treat or Trick: Dissolving the Sugar Charade

by Shaina Salin Editorial Coordinator When a relationship comes to an end, it is natural to go through a process …

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The Mechanome: Going Beyond the Genome

 by Katy Bowman, M.S. “Mechanical stress [or strains] alter the structural and functional properties of cells at the cellular, molecular, …

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